The app that provides Danish commuters a few quick ways to get around terrible traffic.

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The issue

Even though Denmark has one of the best and most secure public transport systems globally, the companies who's job it is to keep everything running still get criticized by the general public for infrequent delays.

These delays affect everyone using public transport, even the commuters who know what to expect when they set off for work in the morning.

Meanwhile, the screens, apps and station speakers tell you that there's one?.. Two? THREE?!.. or more problems on your route...

But who's telling you how to navigate these problems, especially when every minute of your journey counts?

An illustrated splash screen of the Pendla commuters app, featuring it's logo, it's main feature of condensing travel info and the motto "Cut to the chase of what's important"


Pendla cuts to the chase when it comes to the optimal route. The design prioritizes critical information — so you don't miss that important train. Sparing you those painful minutes of inactivity.

A splash screen showing a phone full of public transport listings with a map in the background showing off one of the routes


Instead of giving you fifty-odd buttons and hundreds of tabs to find every inch of Denmark, Pendla takes care of the details — and delivers the most important information on a silver platter.

A splash screen showing a phone with an alarming pop up message indicating disaster has struck on the train tracks and that there will be delays. The image also shows a few commuting routes that breeze past the disasters.


Nothing's worse than standing in the rain for 50+ minutes because somewhere — somehow — a gremlin munched on the train tracks and caused absolute chaos among the trains.

While Pendla can't get rid of the gremlin, it absolutely can respond to your personal transport troubles — by warning you and then immediately provide solutions.

A splash screen showing a phone with a message being sent to a fellow coworker, another phone with public transport route listings and a train seemingly coming out of the image.


... And when things get busy, and your mind is racing — Pendla eases the peskiest of burdens, notifying the people that depend on you, with information taken directly from the Danish transport HQ!

Meanwhile, you get to focus on putting on your shoes and finishing your slice of toast 🥪

A splash screen showing an app user flow consisting of two screens: one screen shows a commuting route being setup inside the Pendla app, while the other screen shows an overview of the user's saved routes in neat groupings.


It's quite amazing to see how flexible, yet also how compromising public transportation apps have become in Denmark. Bloated with amazing features, it takes way too many taps to figure out "What the heck am i supposed to do?!".

With Pendla i wanted to explore simplicity in a very specific situation, and build a safety net for anyone that's got their phone in hand.


Pendla, as an app, provides one key feature: Speed.

The Danish public transport system sports loads of informative sources. This is where Pendla is purposefully limited, by referring people to other services whenever you need more information, reducing the bloat.

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