Medical Museion

A branding rework for the Medical Museum in Copenhagen, made in cooperation with Andreas Højland, Jasko Bobar and Peter Villiam Vinther.

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A chevron

A macabre museum

Originally the Royal Surgical Academy. Medical Museion has a deep seeded history as a part of Copenhagen's cultural experience. The halls of this hundred year-old building, and the artifacts on display, still give off a sense of going back in time. Observing the traditions of medical history, and engaging in the advances of modern medicine.

Spirit. That was our way of describing what this museum had to offer the public. The brand was developed on this very essence and feeling of walking through the museum's halls - floorboards creaking & the dim light revealing exotic and macabre artifacts.

The pieces on display take you into another world. We merely strived to provide an authentic 100 year old backdrop.

A look and feeling of history

A muted color palette
An image of an iron skullAn image of an ancient auditoriumAn image of an old typewriter standing in a windowsill

A complete layout of their website

An image of a macbook featuring the Medical Museiom rebranded website

Promotional material

Two interesting posters, showcasing a macabre collection of medical artefacts3 tickets to see the Medical Museums macabre exhibition

Culture Gathered


With the future merging of a combined national museum in the center of Copenhagen. An opportunity arose to combine natural- and medical history. We believe that a joint brand of each museum is the way to attract visitors in a simple and elegant way.

We came up with the principle of SK - Samlet Kultur, meaning Culture Gathered. An indication of our national museum as one entity with different stories to tell. That leaves breathing room for each brand to develop it's own style.

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