Understand your carbon emissions

Climaider aims to help you understand your carbon emissions and then reduce them.

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Creating a cohesive visual language

As design lead at Climaider my main goal was to create a cohesive visual language throughout our product range and our marketing efforts.

You can visit Climaider at climaider.com

Business dashboard

An image showcasing several screens from the Climaider dashboard

Climaider App

An image of three phones showcasing the Climaider app

Brand Website

Three laptops showing the Climaider website
An image showing the transition from business to customer, to business to business design

from b2c to b2b

Throughout my time at Climaider, the company shifted it’s focus. From mainly providing services to individuals, to focusing on businesses and their carbon needs.

early days - creating quizzes and rewards


Providing carbon footprint info and self-services to individuals.

An image show a quiz in the Climaider app


... and rewarding players every step of the way so they can show off to their friends!

An image with 3 phones showcasing the Climaider app on a tapestry of groceries


One of the few ways we’d managed to teach people about their carbon footprint, was through quizzes.

However, taking a quiz once wasn’t always enough, and so we tried to introduce several kinds of “Come back tomorrow”-incentives to make what you’ve learned stick with you.


As the sole animator on the team, part of my task as the designer was developing our animation catalogue.

The idea was to bring a bit of life to the imagery, to provide an additional sense of amazement whenever the user achieves their goal 🎖️

As the app advanced, and our host of challenges grew larger, I managed to create quite the portfolio of animations...

Changing gears into carbon accounting


Throughout my time as design lead at Climaider, the company shifted it’s focus to businesses and their carbon needs.

A showcase of the Climaider dashboard


While exploring this new territory, we took what we’d learned from our app’s development, and tried to make a sort of makeshift bridge between the design challenges encountered in the app, and those we were about to face with our business dashboard service.

Ultimately, I created an overarching design style for all platforms

A showcase of various Climaider art assets
A transparent image of various Climaider visual assets on the rightA transparent image of various Climaider visual assets on the left
An image showing off the Climaider website on a phone


Each platform - app, dashboard & web - had a set of core design philosophies that were unique to the platform, such that we could develop them individually based on their users’ requirements.


Then, after applying those core rules, each platform is given the same treatment of color, shapes & branding. This method allowed us to quickly iterate on platform-specific components without the fear of progressively moving away from the Climaider brand.

Last but certainly not least, we even made a font along the way


In fact, Climaider’s entire brand and a big part of the font-work were created in close collaboration with design studio Before We Die.

An illustration showing off the Climaider font Klimaskrig Pro

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