99 Species

A Youtube motion format designed to feature common Danish species, made in cooperation with Oskar Hofmann at DMJX.

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The premise

99 Species is a series planned for Youtube, to get the youth exploring the Danish wilderness. We question the idea of nature being boring, and believe that much of the excitement of exploring the wilderness lies in discovering what hides beneath the surface.

To express these feelings of wonder to an audience of  7-12 year olds, we created an animated universe, which aims at conveying the excitement of rooting around in that which lies hidden in plain sight. The movements of each graphical element encourages a sense of excitement. That compliments the wide array of wonders found in nature.

How many Danish species of animals were you introduced to before growing up?

Displaying information

Facts and funny stories are shown throughout a video via a stylized breaker.

Introducing tidbits of information

Smaller graphics for introducing people / species / areas...

From a kid's perspective

The series would feature the little explorative robot "Hans" in his search of knowledge.

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